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I was quite happy going to work and not really thinking about the bigger picture – but Dental Partners encouraged us to try and improve ourselves, both as dentists and personally. It's inspired me to develop my clinical skills and to be more confident about my own abilities.

Gemma McGarryDentist, High Green Dental Practice
Gemma McGarry best place to work


Gemma McGarry, a Dental Partners dentist at High Green Dental Practice, explains why change can be a positive thing when looking to develop your clinical skills and improve your confidence.

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Our ethos.

We talk a lot about being the ‘best place to work’, but what exactly do we mean? Everything we do is guided by our ethos. Dental Partners creates pleasant, diverse, and respectful workplaces, with a social conscience. We trust the judgement of our clinicians and have an absolute commitment to your clinical freedom – we simply provide the supportive framework you need to practise ethically and safely. Professional development is actively encouraged at every level. If that sounds overly ambitious, ask yourself this: why should you expect anything less?

Clinical freedom.

Autonomy is key to our philosophy: your surgery is your domain. We trust you to select the most appropriate equipment and materials; you choose the best labs to work with. You take the lead in treating patients, and we support your decisions. We only step in when it comes to ensuring you are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, market-leading systems and the best nurses and support staff. We shoulder the administrative and regulatory burden, leaving you free to do what you do best – give your patients the quality of treatment and care they deserve.

Clinical freedom
Professional development

Professional development.

No one wants their career to stagnate, but the demands of a dental practice can make it difficult to find time for CPD. Since we take care of the administrative chores, you’ll have more time to ensure you’re up to date with the latest that dentistry has to offer, learn new skills and even explore specialties. We offer internal training and support external learning opportunities that will aid your practice. And, as part of our network, you’ll benefit from our collective clinical expertise to help identify opportunities for professional development.

Clinical support.

We provide a clinical support structure, systems and process that help keep you safe, ethical and compliant. Because we are a network of practices, you’ll be able to draw from a larger pool of expertise when it comes to identifying opportunities for professional support, development and advice. Importantly, if things do go wrong, we are there for you with a group of highly experienced clinicians to support, investigate and advise.

Diversity and equality

Diversity and equality.

We believe that racial, religious, cultural and gender diversity strengthens our team, so we like our practice staff to build on each other’s unique attributes and reflect the communities they serve. We welcome applications from everyone, and to support the changing profile of the workforce, we actively support flexible working arrangements and have family-friendly policies.

A social conscience.

Here in the UK we are extremely fortunate when it comes to dental health and access to treatment. Dental Partners is dedicated to giving back, and supports a number of dental charities, including Bridge2Aid, that work to address global inequalities in oral health and treatment access. Charity involvement also  encourages our practice teams to actively fundraise in their communities – a great way to have fun and do good, all at the same time.

Social Conscience

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