Happy National
Dental Nurses Day

Celebrating all of our hardworking Dental Nurses

Across all of our Dental Partners practices, the continued dedication and hardwork is apparent from all of our Dental Nurses who work day-in and day-out to provide a smooth, friendly and professional journey for all of our patients. This National Dental Nurses Day, we wanted to speak to some of our Dental Nurses to find out more about their day-to-day roles and what inspired them to start a career in dentistry.


Martina Harford


Selby Dental Care

Started as a Dental Nurse.


Martina has always had a passion for dentistry, starting back when she used to visit the dentist as a little girl. When looking to pursue a career as a dental nurse, Martina began an apprenticeship, enabling her to work whilst she learnt. Since then, she has gone on to become a Treatment Coordinator at Selby Dental Care, in which she is the first point-of-call for most patients. Some of her favourite times within dentistry are her experiences with patients, specifically being there for a patient’s last appointment in their smile journey so she can celebrate their new smile with them.

“Getting that one-to-one time with patients, where you can really get to know them, is my favourite part of being a Dental Nurse. It is amazing watching patients grow in confidence throughout their treatment.”

Outside of dentistry, Martina enjoys reading books and keeping a healthy lifestyle at the gym. With the support of her Practice Manager, she is currently studying a Business Management and Marketing degree and wants this to take her to the next step in her dentistry career.

“If you are looking at a career in dentistry, it will be the best decision you can make for yourself.”


Steph Bampton


Pillory Street Dental Practice

Started as a Dental Nurse.


Steph’s beginnings in dentistry started at one of her routine check-up appointments, in which she was a patient at Pillory Street Dental Practice. At her appointment she began to appreciate the efforts provided by the staff at the practice and thought her personality type would really suit the role of a Dental Nurse. Similarly, to Martina, Steph started her career in dentistry with an apprenticeship in Dental Nursing and hasn’t looked back. Her day-to-day role involves preparing the surgery for the day, allocating emergency slots to ensure patients with toothache are seen as soon as possible, sterilising dental instruments, and assisting the Dentist. At Pillory Street Dental Practice, there is a great togetherness as the entire team works harmoniously to make sure everyone’s day runs smoothly.

“We really have a great, friendly team at Pillory Street, and we get along like a true work family. We thrive off working together to make the Dentist a great atmosphere for all staff and patients.”

Steph has many significant memories in dentistry. She takes pride in coordinating an immaculate patient journey and converting nervous patients into regular routine patients with smiles on their faces. Outside of work, Steph helps her mum run her sheep farm, spending a lot of time outdoors and with her four dogs.

“If I wasn’t a Dental Nurse, I’d be farming full time!”

Recently, Steph has gone from being a Dental Nurse to the Lead Nurse and Treatment Coordinator at Pillory Street and along with the range of options for career progression available as a Dental Nurse, Steph believes that a career in dentistry is very rewarding, catering for different needs and requirements for a variety of patients.

There has been a number of training courses offered to our nurses in the coming 6-12 months, allowing us to all expand our personal portfolios; I plan on doing my implant nurse training in the near future which I am really looking forward to.”


Leo Smith



Started as a Dental Nurse.


In 2016, Leo began his journey in dentistry as a Receptionist. During this time, he spent time speaking with clinicians, communicating with patients and enjoying the working atmosphere of a dental practice and was influenced to start a career in dentistry. He then went on to become a qualified Dental Nurse, completing his dental implants training and working in Orthodontics before moving onto becoming a Treatment Coordinator at The Oaks Dental Practice in 2020. During his time as a Dental Nurse he worked with Implantologists, general clinicians and Orthodontists to deliver a smooth and professional patient journey for all patients. His favourite part about being a Dental Nurse is how the role has broke down his communication barriers and made him a significantly more confident person.

“I’ve always considered myself an introvert, however since becoming a Dental Nurse, my confidence and social skills have improved – dramatically. I’ll speak to anyone these days!”

Leo’s dental career has taken him through different paths and with the support of the team at Dental Partners, at practice level and head office, he is now working as a Content Coordinator in the Marketing department; using his dental knowledge to help develop patient focused communications. Outside of his Marketing role, Leo plays bass guitar in his band, Saint Michael, and enjoys spending time with his family.

“I never could have anticipated that I would be working in Marketing when I started my dental career, but it is one of the best decisions I have made. I can’t thank Dental Partners enough for their continued support.”


Michaela Handley


Chilwell Dental Practice

Started as a Dental Nurse.


Michaela started her career in dentistry in April 2021 and is currently completing her apprenticeship as a Dental Nurse, in which she is a Trainee Dental Nurse at Chilwell Dental Practice. She has always found dentistry interesting and wanted to pursue a career that helped people and benefitted their health. As a Trainee Dental Nurse, Michaela has been learning the different aspects of the role of a fully qualified Dental Nurse; working with different clinicians to understand what equipment and instruments are necessary for each appointment type, how to keep lab work up-to-date and learning the importance of cross infection and how to maintain sterility in surgery.

“What I enjoy most about being a Dental Nurse is helping patients get out of pain and restoring confidence in a patient’s smile.”

Michaela has already taken part in an implant training course and is looking to become a Dental Hygienist in the future or possibly teach Dental Nursing. In her spare time, she enjoys being by the sea, travelling and exploring different places.

“Dental Nursing is an incredible career full of lots of opportunities.”

If you are interested in a career as a Dental Nurse with Dental Partners, please take a look at our careers page.

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