Happy 5th Birthday
Dental Partners

It seems incredible that Dental Partners is five years old today, although with the time warp caused by Covid, it’s difficult to judge any time elapsed.

Even during the very lowest points of Covid our fantastic teams really pulled together, looked after each other and our patients even when the risk of the virus were unclear. We have also celebrated the welcoming of many new practices to the Dental Partners family, it’s been a pleasure to meet and get to know so many new faces as well as grow our group to where we are today.

Dental Partners was set out to create a dental group that genuinely strived to improve the quality of life for all colleagues which in turn enabled us to deliver excellent patient care.

Although never fully satisfied with progress towards Best Place to Work, as it’s an ongoing journey, we recognise that we set out to do something ambitious and in many ways, we have achieved it as proven by our staff engagement results, exceptional recruitment and retention results and industry leading job board feedback and scores.

Our CEO, Neil Lloyd said “It’s rare in an organisation to be able to set out such an ambitious vision and achieve it. Dental Partners has developed ‘Best Place to Work’ and every colleague should be rightly proud of what they have helped achieve.”

Dental Partners is now embarking on the next five years, which like the last five years will be opportunity and challenge filled: worsening people shortages across the profession, NHS contract reform, rising demand for dental care, private growth versus recessionary pressures. However, it’s without a doubt that Dental Partners has the people to see it through very successfully once more.

A big thank you to everyone, from our practice teams to support staff, to patients and suppliers, the last five years wouldn’t have been possible without you. Here’s to the next five!

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