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Frequently asked questions

Dental Partners is the ‘new kid on the block’ and we’re taking a very different approach to corporate dentistry. It’s very simple: we are nothing without our dental care professionals, so we want to create the best place to work to ensure we recruit and retain the very best. Having the best guarantees that we deliver excellent patient care and choice.

Neil LloydCEO, Dental Partners

Your questions answered

We know you probably have loads of questions, and we’re happy to answer them. For a quick fix, see if your question is one that’s frequently asked, below. If not, then please get in touch.

Where are you based?

Dental Partners practices are all over Britain, from the South/South east, right up to Yorkshire and through the East and West Midlands. If we’re not already in your area, we will be soon. Check out our practice finder for the nearest to you. Visit us regularly as we are adding practices every month.

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Do dentists have the freedom to treat patients as they see fit?

Yes. When you close your surgery door, you’re in charge. We provide you with great surgeries, equipment and systems. We provide a clinical framework to keep you safe and compliant. But, it’s your surgery, your patients and your clinical judgement.

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Can I choose my own lab and materials?

Yes. As part of our commitment to ensuring your clinical freedom, we trust you to make the best choices for your patients.

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Are your terms and conditions competitive?

Yes. We are creating the ‘best place to work’ and that includes rewarding our teams appropriately for their hard work. The bottom line is that you won’t find a more supportive and friendly work environment – and we think that counts for a lot.

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Do you offer flexible working?

Yes. We understand that the best dental care professionals have other responsibilities; family, education and charitable commitments. We’re eager to accommodate them all with flexible working and family-friendly policies.

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Are you committed to diversity and equality?

Yes. It is a key objective from the board down; diverse teams are the strongest teams. Having a workforce that’s a healthy mix of races, cultures and genders not only allows us to learn from and support each other, but also to reflect and connect with the communities we serve.

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If I sell my practice, can I still work there?

Absolutely! You’re the one who knows your patients best and you provide leadership to your team, making you your practice’s biggest asset. You’ll just be freer to work less if you want – the time you commit is up to you.

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Will I just be a UDA machine?

It is an absolute red line that all treatment is safe, ethical and compliant. We only want our associates to take on a level of UDAs that they are comfortable with and that leaves time if they wish to develop their private practice or other career objectives, such a being a Foundation Trainer.

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Do I have to accept a private target?

No. We are very happy to support dentists who wish to focus on NHS treatment. However, if you want to develop your private practice, we are 110% behind you with investment in surgeries, equipment, training, specialist support staff, finance, plan and marketing. Your success is our success.

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Do you offer CPD?

Yes. We have an internal training programme and will support any additional professional development that benefits you and your practice.

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