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Happythreads make for happy dental professionals

With the demanding tasks of all dental professionals comes the need for uniforms that go beyond the ordinary. Feeling comfortable and fresh, while still looking professional is a challenge many face. At Happythreads we believe we have just the solution.

Our flagship collection is the Koi Lite range – dental uniforms made of lightweight, moisture-wicking and breathable fabric. They ensure you feel fresh and comfortable throughout the day. Additionally, they are super easy-care with no need for ironing, saving you time. With a wide size and colour range available practices can make sure that they find scrubs that suits their needs and branding.

The second most popular range in the dental sector is Koi Basics scrubs, which are stretchy and lightweight, allowing for easy movement. They also come in many colours and sizes at a great price.Visit our website to browse the full range of our modern scrubs.

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