Building a bridge to much-needed permanent dental care for a rural community in Tanzania

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We were delighted to receive a heartening piece of news from Natalie Adams, Fundraising and Operations Co-ordinator at Bridge2Aid, a charity that Dental Partners proudly supports.


A training programme which we have helped to support has reported the recent successful training in emergency dental care of 12 Clinical Officers in rural Tanzania, which resulted in the successful treatment of over 1300 patients with over 800 extractions. This is the story of one of them below.

Simon Nangi is a Clinical Officer at the Sirop Dispensary, which provides primary healthcare services to a rural farming community in Tanzania, where he has worked for seven years. One frequent challenge he faced was his inability to treat any patients who arrived at his clinic with dental problems. Each time, he was obliged to refer them to the District Hospital which is a two-hour trip from the dispensary. Sadly, he knew that for the vast majority of the relatively poor farming community, such a trip wasn’t possible, as it costs about two days’ wages for transport, and that’s before paying for any treatment and accommodation on top of that. So in effect, his patients had no access at all to emergency dental care.

Simon was therefore delighted to be able to attend a training programme provided by a recent Bridge2Aid Dental Volunter Programme in emergency dental care. When he arrived at the training, he told them that he really wanted to gain knowledge of different dental diseases and how to treat them, and most importantly, to learn how to extract teeth safely so that he could provide treatment in his own clinic.



Simon did just that, passing his final assessment with flying colours and was provided with his own emergency dental kit so that he could return to Sirop Dispensary and continue providing treatment once the UK volunteers had left Tanzania.

A simple training course has enabled Simon to now treat many of his patients who require dental treatment in his own clinic, which makes him happy and also provides much-needed dental treatment to his community. Natalie comments: “All of this is possible due to the generous support of you and the Genesis team, and for this Simon and his patients are extremely grateful.”

Dental Partners is dedicated to giving back, and supports a number of dental charities, including Bridge2Aid, that work to address global inequalities in oral health and treatment access. Charity involvement also encourages our practice teams to actively fundraise in their communities – a great way to have fun and do good, all at the same time.

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