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We chose Dental Partners because we felt they upheld our philosophy of providing high-quality NHS dentistry, as well as offering private opportunities for patients who wanted them. They would look after our staff and they would care for the patients.

Margaret Naylor Former Principal, High Green Dental Practice and Dinnington Dental Practice, Sheffield
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Why now?

We acquire both NHS and mixed practices, as well as fully private and specialised practices.

Selling to Dental Partners buys you precious time to:

  • Focus on family and the things you’ve endlessly put off as you’ve built your practice
  • Enjoy being a dentist again, without the constant pressure of running a practice
  • Reap the benefits of all your hard work – and take advantage of current market valuations that may not last forever
  • You may not be ready to retire just yet, but with a partner to shoulder the burden, you can create a space for new opportunities

Why us?

You next question is who is your ideal partner?
We think that’s us, and here’s why.


We have an experienced, capable team, and tried and tested processes, allowing us to deliver effective completions in a timely manner. We have steered many practices through the acquisition and integration process and our advisers have a deep knowledge and understanding of the dental market.


We will not waste your time. We understand this can be a stressful process, but we promise to be pragmatic if problems arise and not ‘chip the price’. Our objective is to get the deal done at a pace and price with which you feel comfortable.


We only take on high-quality, well-run practices with good local reputations.  We want to maintain the brand and reputation that you have built, and keep the staff and associate colleagues you have worked with and developed over the years.


If you want to remain at the practice, you will benefit from our commitment to clinical freedom and to creating the best place to work. You can treat your patients with the same great care they’re used to, while benefiting from our administrative and financial support. You can also benefit from the opportunities the group may offer to further your career.

How it works

From Heads of Terms the process takes 4 to 5 months

Informal information exchange (confidential)

Detailed information exchange for valuation

Offer agreed and Heads of Terms signed (including property)

Phase 1: Key Due Diligence and Financial Due Diligence

Phase 2: Full Acquisition and Legal processes commence

Exchange: Team meetings and pre-completion actions

Completion: You are part of the Dental Partners Group

Continued growth and investment in the team and practice


We know you probably have loads of questions, and we’re happy to answer them. For a quick fix, see if your question is one that’s frequently asked, below. If not, then please get in touch.

Do dentists have the freedom to treat patients as they see fit?

Yes. When you close your surgery door, you’re in charge. We provide you with great surgeries, equipment and systems. We provide a clinical framework to keep you safe and compliant. But, it’s your surgery, your patients and your clinical judgement.

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Can I choose my own lab and materials?

Yes. As part of our commitment to ensuring your clinical freedom, we trust you to make the best choices for your patients.

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If I sell my practice, can I still work there?

Absolutely! You’re the one who knows your patients best and you provide leadership to your team, making you your practice’s biggest asset. You’ll just be freer to work less if you want – the time you commit is up to you.

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Do I have to accept a private target?

No. We are very happy to support dentists who wish to focus on NHS treatment. However, if you want to develop your private practice, we are 110% behind you with investment in surgeries, equipment, training, specialist support staff, finance, plan and marketing. Your success is our success.

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Do you offer CPD?

Yes. We have an internal training programme and will support any additional professional development that benefits you and your practice.

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We invite all interest and enquiries, and we will confirm as soon as possible if the practice meets the criteria for us to progress. If it doesn’t, we will be happy to provide free advice to support you in finding the most suitable route for sale, all in the strictest confidence.

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